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12.28.02  first off, we're just a few short days away from the one year anniversary of chuckbeat's entry into the digital and binary domain.  it's hard to believe a year has gone by so quickly but a brisk scan down the news entries below is evidence that a lot has changed in the last year.  2k3 promises to be even better as the chuckbeat empire rapidly expands its tentacles into all sorts of madness.

Bm relocation program has finally released their long awaiting collection of fine joints entitled "assholes are back in season".  this album was over a year and 5 people in the making.  bi-coastal distribution of this ass kicking spectacle is now taking place... to get yourself a copy, use info@chuckbeat.com, or see this website for details. Regardless, be sure to mosey on over to the band website where you can find out just what it's all about, who played what on it and find some gems that didn't make the final cut of the album yet are still very much worth a listen or twelve.  and if that wasn't enough to satisfy your end of the year hunger for new musical morsels, soon to be posted on the Bm site will be some glorious and potentially embarrassing outtakes including band infighting audio and so forth.  so get with the program.

other fresh stews currently brewing are the lines of sight ep (currently finishing up the recording process), the maogojiata train endlessly chugging down the tracks of maogoism with upcoming shows in late january here in sucka freeze, i hear dr. lopez is working on the follow up to "the electric relaxation machine" as evidenced by the two rich mp3's recently posted.  the life fire in peopledom ep is set to turn from simmering embers to a full blaze in the next two months, and the jam of the month club continues to deliver the most eclectic tastes they can.  so stay tuned, much is truly afoot in the chuckbeat universe.

11.25.02 it was very long overdue, but now a cycling of mp3's has occurred on the drama mean for the gift id child page....  check out some previously unposted tracks in that neck of the woods. it might be an older project but it's still a goodie. The page is also sporting a sleeker (yet more informative!) look...

11.17.02 Much has been afoot in the chuckbeat universe! Firstly, we are proud to announce the first show put on by chuckbeat, which will include two of our bands (lines of sight & maogojiata). This magical event will occur Fri, Nov 22 at Kimo's in SF. Click here  to see the flyer, and get more info. As if that weren't enough, dr. lopez  stealthily posted two new songs from the east coast, and gave his web page a snazzy new look...

11.01.02 The darkened heart vessels project has been resurrected as an SF 4-piece, re-monikered  lines of sight. A show is upcoming, as well as the recording of a 4 song EP.

10.23.02 these and thats please fleas and gnats.  help yourself around.  maogojiata, Bm relocation program, jam of the month club, tailing the snark.

10.03.02 An archaeological dig has unearthed the rest of "darkened heart vessels", so now the whole "out-of-print" EP is now on the web... kinda like an "e-reissue"? Enjoy for a slice of history, memory, wafting Americana, misc hyperbole etc etc. Expect some wayward writing to appear there soon also. Then, hold on to your hats, an overhaul of the entire chuckbeat.com site is upcoming... (from the ancient frame technology to sexy sexy Flash, for you techies). Get your movie goggles ready. In the next 6 months, expect a digitally remastered, complete retrospective CD of "The Chuckbeat Grog", the band that started it all back in 1991...

09.19.02 captain roy has shipped back the latest twist and turns from his continuing adventures while tailing the snark.  look for four fresh fabulous fables that are sure to please.  as you may suspect, there will be plenty more to come.  but for fear or inducing dizziness and a severe case of the bends, the tales shall be dispersed sparingly. 

09.07.02 ok, so many have grumbled to the right person about how chuckbeat hasn't been as intuitive for a first-timer as one would hope.  as chuckbeat is a full-service operation (although we're a relatively shy lot) we have thus tuned a careful and receptive ear to you, the end user, and are delighted to introduce, for the first time here on chuckbeat, a glossary of all things chuckbeat, or at least all web-enabled things chuckbeat.  you will also notice that a permanent link to this glossary/legend/table of contents has been installed both above and to the right of this entry as well as on the bottom of the contents bar all the way to the left.  so quit complaining already!  another new addition to the chuckbeat universe is the jam of the month club.  i'll digress on what that's all about as everything you need to know is contained here.  much snarkiness is brewing so be prepared to be be tailing it around in the next week or so.

08.31.02 you may notice a name relocation has taken place resulting in a certain mortimus being hung, shot, cremated, and killed until it was dead. so allow me to introduce you to Bm relocation program.  take caution when poking around.  they welcome curiosity but cannot be held liable for any medical complications arising from repeated direct exposure.  the life fire in peopledom has broken out the special matches to set ablaze two new mp3s for you to warm up to.  the next two weeks should find a triple bypass recovery of the darkened heart vessel as well as a new turn while tailing the snark.

08.14.02 snark, snark, snark. snarkidy snarkness. snark snark snark snarksnark! the snark is here. bigger, better, beefier.  snark! not the same old snark you're used to.  more snark for the same low low rate.  an incredible value!  over 75% more snark! definitely snark on over and check out the brand snarkn' new snark.

08.11.02 first and foremost, the snark has arrived. or at least he's in our sights and becoming clearer and clearer.  tailing the snark is currently one big hunk of burning verbage.  take it easy when you read it.  you may wish to make a cup of tea, but for god's sake delve! delve soldier!  um. well...  beautiful and increasingly rapid (yet democratic) growths continue to spurt from the band-formerly-known-as-rigor-mortimus web page.  (right-oh gentleman burglar!)  if you're out there, and particularly if your viewing this web site on a computer, than surely you have a quick moment to click HERE and tell us what you think we should call our audisaster.  when next i ramble i shall include the (currently upcoming) updates to tailing the snark, band-formerly, and in the next month be brandishing news of life fire, we missed..., and ruego a dios.  adios amigos!

07.31.02 the band formerly known as rigor mortimus continues to search for moniker that all five members can agree on.  in the meantime, they (well, actually the gentleman burglar did) have come up with the most technically savvy page yet to appear on chuckbeat.  go check that shit out right this minute!  run, don't walk.  listen to the four delightful mp3's that are up there and email your suggestion (here) for a band name.  if you win, and we pick your suggestion to use as a band name, we will thank you profusely and then ignore you from then on and pretend we came up with it.  but definitely email us your crazy dope ideas.

07.28.02 an mp3 from maogojiata's long awaited debut e.p "hyper-coma dating technique" has been pasted onto that page for the curiosity of all.  look for the debut page of "tailing the snark" to drop real soon.

07.24.02 that's right, i said july, 24, 2002.  well.     shit happens.  another thing that's happened is "ruego a dios que no pase nada". eeeeeexactly....  patrick should have some mp3's from his slaughterhouse flash recording session on there very soon; at least sooner than the four months that it's been getting dusty.  the soon to be re-christened rigor mortimus (send suggestions for new project name here) has decided to apply a topical solution to the audio and visual development under construction in the east bay and is beginning emerge.  look for some fresh new mp3's up on there very soon.  look for some writings from john roy, pictures from boom, new mp3's from life fire in peopledom, and an mp3 from maogojiata to be posted within the next two weeks.  keep your pants on, you need them to trudge through the muck!

03.07.02 a much awaited web contribution from dr. lopez has arrived by suspicious-looking parcel from the right coast. Go check it out for the mp3's from his latest project, and stay for the art gallery and words.

02.27.02  "things" are beginning to take wonderfully fantastic and eyebrow elevating ambidextrous type form.  no longer are we saddled with a plethora of pages and nothing to say, ho ho no my friend!  now we contain more words than we've ever had before.  new and improved.  the sleek packaging is running its course through the fantasies of the less stimulated.  or something.  the point i'm dulling is that the skeleton is in place and muscle is currently coagulating.  coagulating nicely i might add.  this mighty update sees boom's we had the experience but but missed the meaning greatly improve with a humongously human influx of very nice photographs of the "mad crazy dope chill" variety.  r.i.p ma.  and for those of you who thought you were holding your stinky breath in vain, thinking our beloved patrick was much too busy beating ladies off his handsome self with a piņata bat down in oaxaca, you may exhale.  patrick has logged a fine script that i can't rightly divulge the contents of here.  you'll just have to get on over to outside: south of the border and read for yourselves.  expect to see an update there soon.  lastly; life fire in peopledom has again displayed its love of tearing down the old and resurrecting the older, thus making it new again.  the life fire has totally revamped itself to contain words of jibberishian wisdom and large scale ambiguity.  and not only that, but the life fire has stoked the blaze with 2 brand spanking new mp3's for your listening pleasure.   geezum spruce!  if that ain't enough to satisfy then i'm afraid your beyond the point of reason.  so enjoy, we've been working feverously to bring you quality distractions to the war on terrorism.  so recline in your ergonomic executive lounger, wrap your favorite flag around your shoulders, inhale, drink, or read your favorite stimuli.  and if you haven't yet taken up arms for the chuckbeat cause, what the hell is a matter with you?

02.20.02 now that recent musical journeys have seen some semblance of e-justice, it seemed only right to dust off some older projects. Ergo, darkened heart vessels has finally seen an infusion of mp3, art, and reading materials. An update of mp3 to life fire in peopledom is imminent.

02.06.02  peep new pictures at Maogojiata and life fire in peopledom

01.30.02 well, we knew it would happen soon enough, and sho nough, Boom (aka B-licious aka CPK aka Jack Uzi aka Kool aka Sweet-and-Low aka Brian) has bequeathed his visual visualness upon us in "We had the experience, but forgot the meaning".  It promises to be flash-pasteurized through the eyes of a nomad.  We'll look forward to Indiana through the Badlands.  Thanks Boom!  bfortuna, with members of the family, have been fleshing out morsels of studio work through permanent friction.  There's stuff to chew on with gentleman burglar, at the gentleman burglar.  But that's simply the tip of the ice berg, innitt?  Expect to see growths of darkened heart vessels and life fire in peopledom at next post.  Dr. Lopez should be making a house call purty soon, Patrick will ship some mexican love over the border, Maogojitata jitatta-ing theyselves all up in here, and everything else will be.

01.20.02  drama mean for the gift id child was delivered on 12.10.01 to general perplexity and time delayed reactions.  We're not really sure yet if it's a boy or a girl.   Maogojiata has been taking it's sweet time finishing off a 5 song ep to be released in the spring.  They had originally planned to be done with the 35 minute opus by late December, but then deadlines are for the oppressors.   Patrick, man of myth and legend, has moved to Mexico and taken with him much love from anyone who knows him.  He vows to send pictures, writings, and spiritual guidance to chuckbeat at relatively regular intervals.  Check "Outside: south of the border" for updates to be posted as they arrive.  Other  forthcomings include posts from life fire in peopledom, the darkened heart vessels experience, and anything we can get from Dr. Lopez, or the Northampton side of the universe.