(Archive: Jan-Sept 2003)


09.08.03 check out a plethora of new lines of sight photos, from a summer brimmin' with giggin'... then check em out live this Wednesday at Voodoo Lounge, SF.

08.23.03 the dr. lopez page has new art, new mp3, and a new look. a new album is coming as well, probably before the end of the year...??


08.11.03 a new chuckbeat conglomerate We Be The Echo is born, fertilized by members of lines of sight and maogojiata. they will be tearing the shiz-ouse out the hiz-ouse this saturday, august 16th at the cedar street warehouse, with chuckbeat cohorts contra pelo and the john francis, and more! see band pages for more info. be there or beware!


07.26.03 drama mean for the gift id child has somehow grown inside its closet.


07.25.03 a new band joins the chuckbeat fam... contra pelo from berkeley. for electronic presence, press here; for analog presence, see SF Pier 39's Eagle Cafe this upcoming Wednesday, July 30th.


07.01.03 the lines of sight ep is finally out... four songs of the indie-jazz-ambient persuasion, ready to tickle your inner cathartic sea-faring monkey essence. yup.


06.24.03 two chuckbeat bands, lines of sight and maogojiata, are once again joining forces for a show.. this time at the 157 Cedar St warehouse on July 11th. This promises to be a very happenin' DIY event. Don't be that guy/gal who laments to their grandchildren that they missed it...


06.17.03 we've managed to sneak in some covert system changes so poke around and we'll give you a prize (leopard skin thong?) if you can spot them. also, an exuberant exhale is pending with the arrival of a couple new releases soon to pop out of the chuckbeat universe, including the new lines of sight ep, the debut from the acoustic story-spewing madman el lloron , and the long awaited release from the slaughterhouse percussion duo.  also, we going global with the united states release of polish noise punk band tokarz inferno.  check for all this great music really super duper soon.

05.16.03 happy to announce the proverbial lighting of the life fire.  "inflammababies"- the first official  release of life fire in peopledom has arrived, weighing in at 35 minutes.  adopt a copy for yourself and watch it burn.

03.23.03  and to complete the three day blitzkrieg update trilogy, we've rolled out a new version of the Tailing the Snark site that does visual justice to it's population of beatific textual abstractions.  keep your night vision binoculars locked on the snark site for more poetic cluster bombs to drop in the next few weeks.

03.22.03  We had the experience has opened it trunks of abundant visual adventures for the greater earth to peep.  BeholD!  it's optical opulence. 

03.21.03  Ruego a dios que no pase nada has unleashed new Weapons of Mass Inspiration; check it...

03.16.03 two chuckbeat bands (lines of sight and maogojiata) are playing a show this Thurs, March 20th, along  with some other cool bands... Club Galia - the mission - SF. See either band's webpage for more info on this would-be happenin' event. 

01.15.03 now that the recently released Bm relocation program CD is out and about, the accompanying website has seen some nurturing as well. Go there and peep lots of extra goodies not on the CD: more music (B-sides & fun studio outtakes), and more info on what the hell that project is all about anyways.