We be the Echo's 3rd full-length album "Return to Nations" is now available. Check their website for full details and other happenings.

We be the Echo will be touring the East Coast, Midwest and West Coast this summer, and are working on a new album as well. Check them out if they come through your area, and stay tuned for more in the fall.


1: After a long wait, the new We be the Echo full-length "MASKS" will be released on June 19, 2009. The physical CD will be available via mail-order and the album will also be available digitally on i-tunes, bandcamp, etc. Check their website for full options. If you live in San Francisco, go to their CD release that night at the Hemlock Tavern. You can also catch them on tour in Europe in August, and keep a look out for some further dates stateside in the fall as they become available.

2: In other news, look for new release(s) from The John Francis later this year-ish. He will also be relocating to from San Francisco to Boston this summer, so hit him up for shows on that coast. Also, we've hit a bit of a hitch in re-releasing some the classic Voorhees material, but hope to get that out in digital form for the first time sometime later this year. Same goes for our own back catalog-- we will be digitally re-releasing some of our early (and currently out-of-print) albums soon.


1: We sold out of the We be the Echo EP "All-Star Destroyers" from last fall, but good news: the next batch is already in, with handsome artwork redesign and digi-pak sleeve. And not a moment too soon-- it will be going into wider release in the US, and starting June 5th, in Europe via Belgium-based Mandai Distribution. Look for them on the road on the West Coast this spring and a national US tour this June, in support.

2: The long awaited new full-length album from The John Francis entitled "Sunkfrancisco Frankenstance" will be out this June on Virginia's Rerum Novarum. Look for an extended West Coast tour in late July in support.

3: We just couldn't keep the classic Bm Relocation Program album "Assholes are Back in Season" in print consistently, so we've now re-issued it digitally. Look for that on i-tunes, rhapsody, emusic, etc-- most major digital outlets.

4: Speaking of which, we are proud to announce we're now finalizing details to digitally re-issue many albums from the seminal 90's UK hardcore band Voorhees. Look for more on that later in the year...

We be the Echo's new EP "All-Star Destroyers" is now out in wider release. It is now available in CD form (with extended materials and artwork not available digitally). It is also now available on i-tunes, etc as well as Also, The John Francis has just finished mixing a new album, with a rock tilt and many special guest stars. Look for it in 2008 sometime.

We be the Echo
has just released a new digital EP "All-Star Destroyers". It is available at and will shortly be available on i-tunes, etc. Look for more from them later this year, including a special CD release to be sold only at shows...


A new The John Francis release is finally out-- check out "On the Moments We Share" EP from D.C.-based Rerum Novarum Records. Also, We be the Echo is now back from hiatus playing select shows, and will be releasing a new EP Jan 07-ish.


Chuckbeat: A Compilation in 14 Tones is now officially out of print-- we're all out of em. If you weren't able to grip one via our mailorder or at selected record stores, you can follow the wave of the future and make your own: download the tracks (click arrows right of song titles in jukebox above) and then print out the liner notes.

We be the Echo will be on hiatus from shows until fall, while working on a follow-up to their full-length Stanislaw Stories from earlier this year.

Looks like there will be finally be a long-awaited The John Francis release in late summer...stay tuned for details.


Go see The John Francis and faking brave on tour in Europe!! Note swanky new webpage of the latter.

Along with their official websites, the following bands are now sporting new myspace pages... so go be their friend already!
Bm Relocation Program (official website · new myspace!)
Dr. Lopez (official website · new myspace!)
Faking Brave (official website · new myspace!)
The John Francis (official website · new myspace!)

We be the Echo new video media available now, and upcoming SoCal mini-tour in April... they will also be featured on the early May compilation of Copper Press...


Happy New Year! Chuckbeat is looking like it will have a big year, and to start the year off right:

1: Chuckbeat proudly presents its 10th release (double digits... oooh! aaah!) with the second CD from We be the Echo entitled "Stanislaw Stories"-- along with a new webpage and media. You can purchase the CD on-line here, or go see them in person at their CD release show Jan 14th in San Francisco, if you're in the hood.

2: The John Francis
will be touring Europe this spring and will be releasing an album (at least!) this year, for starters. Stay tuned....


1: The We be the Echo summer touring bonanza is nearly done (see their website for remaining dates)... corresponding media: one live track posted now, further mp3s/video soon. New record release delayed until Dec. 2: The John Francis has a series of Bay Area shows coming up. 3: Dr. Lopez has posted some previously unavailable mp3s from his out-of-print first album.

The new Dr. Lopez album "Magic Mountain" is now out, along with new artwork and a brand new webpage. Check it out post-haste!

Chuckbeat presents We be the Echo, The John Francis, and more at Edinburgh Castle, SF on July 28th. See band webpages for further info.

Things are moving. 1: from the tails left by a snark comes a new mind-scrambling word chaos: pothole. 2: in early June, The John Francis will be in Europe playing select shows, including some with faking brave - check their websites for details as they become available. 3: stay tuned for more summer shows and new releases from We be the Echo, The John Francis, and Dr. Lopez.

Better late than never: a few bonus "web-only" tracks have been added to the back-end of the compilation bonanza (see Nov 04 entry), from faking brave and lines of sight. See the jukebox above-- last two tracks!


Check out the new EP from The John Francis & Impostors, entitled "The Earnest Manboy Suite in E Major". Also, look for spring SF/West Coast shows, a possible early summer European tour, and full length album(s) in the summer. 2: We be the Echo has a brand new web page with much new content, including live footage and pix from last fall. 3: The new full-length from
Dr. Lopez was a little delayed, but it's now set to drop within about a month, stay tuned.


"A compilation in 14 tones" is now out.
This is Chuckbeat's first compilation, and it features 14 tracks from 14 bands in our greater crew. It's quite a motley bunch at that... it's got your math rock, your indie rock, your post-rock, as well as a healthy dose of electronic and ambient/noise/experimental. And it will be available for free for a limited time. What else could you want? You can preview tracks in the jukebox above, grip the comp on-line, and it will also be trickling into various indy music stores soon, spreading from the SF Bay Area to beyond... find out more about the comp.

In other news: In recent weeks, We be the Echo and The Mao have seen updates. Also, The John Francis, a long-time cohort, is now properly chuck-linked. And last but not least, we welcome the incredible stories & acoustic fury of El Lloron, as well as the earnest Amsterdam music & artwork of faking brave. Show em love. There's much more brewing too... but we don't want to spoil all of the surprises yet.


It's been a while since the last update, but things are moving. 1: The chuckbeat compilation is delayed a little, but still very much coming. It will feature 15 tracks from 15 bands in greater chuckbeat crew, including many rare, previously unreleased, and remastered tracks. 2: The new dr. lopez full-length will be out very soon. 3:
We Be The Echo will be playing a series of shows and recording their 2nd release this Nov/Dec. 4: several new projects will be joining the chuckbeat family very soon... so stay tuned.

A new influx of visual revelation from boomrock's "we had the experience but missed the meaning" has been uploaded for your visual stimulation.

Much is afoot. 1: The new We Be The Echo EP is now out... order a copy here. 2: You will notice the new site design, which is (hopefully) more intuitive and informative. There are so many changes that it would be just plain silly to mention them all here. So crank some tunes on the jukebox and take a poke around already!... then, in the "coming soon" department, 3: a chuckbeat CD compilation is in the works. It will feature 15+ tracks from the greater chuckbeat crew, with a tenative release in late July.

The lines of sight webpage has seen an influx of materials. Also, rumor has it that the new dr. lopez full-length will be coming out in late summer.

4.06.04 It's been a while since the last update... but not for lack of Chuckbeat happenings, oh no. 1: The new We Be The Echo EP is coming out within a few weeks. Look out for the full release bonanza very shortly.... in the meanwhile, check out the freshly posted pre-release mp3s right now, to whet your appetite. 2: lines of sight is working on a new release, due out this summer... as well as other goodness.

2.05.04 The new We Be The Echo website is now up. Some shows and EP release are in the works for March... look out for more details very soon.


1.28.04 Happy (belated) 2nd anniversary to chuckbeat! Much has transpired in the last year, as things unfold and enlarge. Much is in the works, so stay tuned.

The Chuckbeat catalog has undergone a vast upgrade... now you can purchase Chuckbeat releases on-line with ease (at low low prices! and other infomercial-speak) using your credit card (or even debit). Our system runs on PayPal; more info on catalog page. Plus, if you're new to the site, the pseudo-witty blurbs on this new catalog page are a good guide to the various musical projects on this site.  


1.13.04 Chuckbeat Records is proud to have released its sixth CD: the latest album from the excellent Polish noisepunkHC trio Tokarz Inferno. Make sure to pay them a visit on the web, and if you're in Poland, check em out live.

The holidays are over, so it's time to tally-ho headfirst into another year. Check it... 1: we welcome they were burning into the fam. Music from an SF-LA-SF journey. and 2: Geez, it's already January, and the Bm Relocation Program remix stuff is FINALLY out, on the web at least (see news entry for 10.08.03 below). Bm would like to thank all the people from around the world, friends and strangers alike, that submitted them. and 3: the We Be The Echo EP and revamped website is very much in the works, stay tuned.


12.04.03 The second pressing of the lines of sight ep is now out. Also, check them out live at two shows next week: at Tongue & Groove on Tuesday, with a strong roster of cool local bands on the bill... and then, at the always kickin' Cedar St Warehouse on the following Saturday. By now, you either know what cool events these warehouse parties are, or you're missing out: $5 at the door gets you 3 cool bands and includes the beer... how can you beat that?


11.15.03 1: Check new drama mean for the gift id child art gallery. Complete original album and web artwork has been unearthed from the dust, cleaned off, and put on linear parade. 2: a 4-5 song We Be The Echo ep will be out soon. 3: the lines of sight ep is going into second pressing. it will be out soon, with brand new spiffy artwork.


10.08.03 The oft-promised Bm Relocation Program "supplement" CD (B-sides, studio outtakes, and remixes from the "assholes are back in season" album era) is still on the cusp of coming out, as ever. But do not fear, there is reasonable cause: every time we finish digging its exit hole, we discover the behemoth has grown in its underground den.... and out the shovels must come again! The CD will now have remixes by gasp and dr. lopez and... the venerable creative commons organization recently held a remix contest with the Bm song "superego exchange", producing many fine joints from around the world. The cream of that crop will now sprout from the CD as well. You can bite into all these fly tracks with some vigor very soon...  (I dare not say by mid/late Nov...?)


10.07.03 1: them noho drummer cats finally sent over some goods. check out the new page for slaughterhouse percussion duo for some ambience/beat madness. 2: (something quite clever will be inserted here about the rekindled and ever-expansive life fire in peopledom universe) 3: Then, in some "news-we-forgot-to-post-when-it-was-new" news, chuckbeat famster Bert did this interview of the band Hella for Then It Must Be True.